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Neo4j Graph Databases with Cypher- Game of Thrones Edition

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Welcome to the complete neo4j-Cypher master course – GAMES OF THRONES EDITION.
This fully updated course is the most comprehensive neo4j course to help guide you from zero to hero in learning neo4j.

We designed this course to not only be your best resource for learning neo4j but to be also the most enjoyable coding course out there- so the entire course is based on fascinating game of thrones databases.

What you'll learn in the course:

  • What are Graph Databases, NOSQL

  • Setup Neo4j development environment

  • Basic Cypher Programming language (Suitable form complete beginners or developers who need some recap)

  • Data modelling patterns

  • Complex queries that require deep thinking

  • Importing and working with databases

All along the way you'll have fully interactive exercises to test your understanding, along with quick check ins with built in quizzes, to make sure you fully understanding all the material.
You will have a Practical foundation to build your application using Cypher and Gain real time insights from your data.

Who is this course for?

  • Complete beginners.

  • Programmers who are experienced in another language and now wants to pick up a new skill of Cypher neo4j.

  • Programmers who know basic neo4j and cypher (usually full stack developers) and now want to level up their skills with advanced practice available in this course.