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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch

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¿What is the course about?

Today all graphic designers with an inclination to web design must know markup languages and styles like HTML and CSS.

Knowing these languages allow them to transform their designs in interactive experiences, the key for a good web development.

HTML in its version 5 makes it easy to build a website layout through tags that we can transform into visual objects thanks to CSS in its version 3.

In this course you will learn how to write HTML5 tags, how to classify them and what are they for.

On top of that, the CSS properties needed to give an aesthetic appearance to your website layouts.


We will begin learning the most important HTML5 tags, like the head, the webpage body, metadata, links, styles, header, navigation bar, columns, section, article, images, video, audio and footer.

Then, we will know the classification of the CSS properties for applying the best appearance to each of those tags that we create with HTML5.

In this course you will be able to download a zip files with all the resources and complete code examples you need to get the job done.


It is completely up to you. We guess the course can be done in about a week or so, but it depends on your workflow and availability.


You don't need prior knowledge to study this course. You just need to download the material at the beginning of each section.


Graphic designers, visuals, artists, developers, companies and entrepreneurs.

Anyone interested in having a webpage or modify an existing one.

Who this course is for:
  • This HTML5 and CSS3 course is for beginners that are not familiarized with web development and want to acquire a new knowledge giving their firsts steps.