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GCP: Google Cloud Platform: Data Engineer, Cloud Architect

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The GCP course provides you the tools to master the concepts required to become a Cloud Architect. GCP is a large, complex suite of products and services that can be overwhelming. We structured the course into a simple, module based learning system with core concepts, demos and real world examples. Whether you're a beginner looking for an introductory overview of the Google Cloud Platform or a professional studying for the certification, you'll benefit from the course.

In the end of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about GCP to help your company or your own project to get on GCP, make use of the correct component on GCP, and continuously deliver better software.

About the Author:

Jake Robin is a seasoned hardware engineer with over 15 years of experience in technology.  In particular, Jake has 7+ years architecting & developing end-to-end solutions involving mobile/api’s/ client-server/ iBeacons/ Google Cloud Platform/ AWS. He advised/mentored startups, ran training/marketing bootcamps in App development/Marketing/ Chatbots etc.

Basit Mustafa is the Founder & CEO - Voltaire, Inc and the previously IBM's director in software department. Basit's technology career has focused on successfully applying technology to solve big problems, teaching others how to do the same, and leading teams that apply technology to solve business problems. Today, as Basit grows his business he enjoys coaching and teaching others to do the same with a focus on using the latest technology to build whatever is their passion!

Why shall we learn Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is on the bleeding edge of technology today. It is also one of the most compelling technologies of the last decade in terms of its disruption to software development, operations, systems architecture, testing and compliance practices.

Google Cloud Computing is becoming a must tool for developers. GCP approach gives you the opportunity to scale your application without any need of deploy any physical hardwares. Google Cloud Computing allows developers to focus on the things which actually matters without worrying about the underlying infruscture where the application runs.

Tons of companies are using Google Cloud Computing in production, today you have the access to that same cloud technology right on your desktop.

What you'll learn:

  • Overview of the Google Cloud Platform

  • In depth lectures with demos and examples for the Compute section including: Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Pub/Sub and Cloud functions

  • In depth lectures with demos and examples for the Storage section including: Cloud storage, Big table, Spanner, Cloud SQL and Datastore

  • In depth lectures with demos and examples for the Networking section including: VPCs, Subnets, Firewalls, Routes, IP addresses, DNS and Load balancer

  • Best Practices of working with GCP in the real field.

Why choosing this course?

This course is very hands on, Jake and Basit has put lots effort to provide you with not only the theory but also real-life examples of developing applications on GCP that you can try out on your own laptop.

In the end of this course, we are confident that you will gain in depth knowledge about GCP and general cloud computing skills to help your company or your own project to apply the right cloud solution and continuously deliver better software.

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