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12 May 2020
REST-Assured e Junit - Testando API - Direto ao ponto
Curso prático e rápido que busca fundamentar os conceitos de teste em API com REST-Assured, Junit, JAVA, Maven
10 May 2020
Beginner Course on Programming and Coding Fundamentals
A programming course for office workers, university students or anyone, who wants to learn the fundamentals of coding.
02 May 2020
S/4 HANA MM - Sourcing and Procurement
Learn how to manage the Purchasing and Procurement processes in SAP S/4 HANA from zero
30 April 2020
Jak zostać programistą? Darmowy kurs
Strony internetowe? Html, css i JavaScript? a może Java, Python lub PHP? Na te pytania znajdziesz odpowiedzi w kursie.
28 April 2020
Belajar Bagaimana Mengolah Data Secara Terstruktur
Struktur Data, Bahasa C, Pseudo-Code, Flowchart
11 April 2020
Haydi Klavye Başına
10 April 2020
Logistic Regression Practical Case Study
Breast Cancer detection using Logistic Regression
09 April 2020
Finding Actionable Insights using Keras Autoencoders
Using Autoencoders to Better Understand your Customers - Measuring Customer Credit Risk
03 April 2020
Introdução à programação com Scratch
Aprenda os conceitos e funções básicas de programação com Scratch
29 March 2020
Case Studies for System Design Interviews
Prepare for the system design interviews.
17 March 2020
Creación de videojuegos con Scratch
Diviértete aprendiendo a programar desde cero todo tipo de videojuegos con Scratch
19 February 2020
Sanal Makine Kurma (VirtualBox İle)
Sanal Makine Nasıl Kurulur ?