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10 April 2022
Scala at Light Speed
Learn the basics of Scala in the time it takes to watch a movie. A free course by Rock the JVM
03 February 2022
SAP Material Management For Beginners
SAP MM for Beginners
21 January 2022
Data Science on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Understand and analyse SDG data sets. Get an introduction in data science - get inspired for your sustainability journey
28 July 2021
Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Artırılmış Gerçeklik Eğitimi
Geleceğin Teknolojisine Hazır mısın ?
10 October 2020
Secure Coding Bootcamp - Part 1
Master your coding
08 September 2020
Programação com a linguagem Dart
Curso de programação em Dart, criada pelo Google, uma linguagem em acessão depois da nova versão com Flutter.
24 July 2020
Introducción a sap.
18 July 2020
Programación en todos los lenguajes
Python, C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Linux, Swift, Dart, Scala, Kotlin, PHP, SQL,
28 June 2020
Digital Image Processing: Operations and Applications
Learn Image Processing operations with numericals in 2 hours.
22 May 2020
Software Design Patterns
Based on Software Design Patterns by Gang of four Book
20 May 2020
Programming Concepts
Learning programming concepts
13 May 2020
Veri Bilimi ve Yapay Zekaya Giriş
Veri Bilimci Olmak için Yol Haritası: Ücretsiz, Kısa, Bilgilendirici Rehber