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03 April 2019
ClickHouse crash course. Conquer big data with ease
Learn how to use one of the most powerful open source OLAP database on the market. Put new life in your big data.
158 143
01 April 2019
MongooseJS Essentials - Learn MongoDB for Node.js
Learn how to create Mongoose Schemas to build a full CRUD application based on the MongoDB database design.
276 233
26 February 2019
MapReduce Architecture for Big Data
Importance of Combiner in Maprduce
297 273
15 February 2019
Hadoop Spark Hive Big Data Admin Class Bootcamp Course NYC
Learn installations and architecture of Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and other tools. Handle structured & Unstructured Data
276 232
04 February 2019
Learn MongoDB with PHP, PHP Basics & Advanced, Git, JSON,XML
Master yourself in MongoDB with Hands-on Practical Examples, Learn PHP Basics & Advanced, Work with Git, JSON and XML
775 606
29 December 2018
Hadoop Administration
End to end Apache Hadoop Administration
155 148
06 December 2018
Big Data Course
An overview of the Dimensions and Forms of Big Data.
363 272
23 November 2018
MongoDB from scratch in Urdu/Hindi language
Learn step by step the basic mondogoDB concepts.
191 145
23 November 2018
Introduction to MariaDB and HeidiSQL For Beginners
Practical guide to learn the basics of the powerful MariaDB | Learn MariaDB From Scratch
230 192
22 November 2018
CouchDB - Mastering Database Design with CouchDB
Learn about CouchDB, the processes to set it up, and the ways to interact with CouchDB server using cURL and Futon.
250 224
09 November 2018
Data Integration with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database
A hands-on guide to integrating data silos and building an operational data hub using MarkLogic
333 295
03 November 2018
Executive Briefing: Big Data and the Hadoop Ecosystem
Understand what Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other vendors offer - and the impacts it will have on your business.
202 156