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24 September 2017
Naucz się tworzenia stron www w języku HTML
Podstawy HTML i CSS w dużym skrócie.
40 20
23 September 2017
Regex Academy: An Introduction To Text Parsing Sorcery
Free Beginner Course For Everything Regular Expressions (Regex/Regexp)
22 September 2017
A Gentle Introduction to Deep Learning Using Keras
A Visual Learners Guide to Building Neural Networks Using Keras
22 September 2017
Create Startup Landing Page with Viral Marketing Strategies
Learn how to create the Landing page for your first Startup with viral marketing strategies in the Lean Startup way.
19 September 2017
Quick Windows [Win8] App Development - For Busy People Only
Learn to build a beautiful full app in minimal timeLeverage open source, HTML5/JavaScript and tons more!
17 September 2017
Aprende a crear páginas web con HTML5 y CSS3
Construye páginas web en HTML5 y CSS3 con todos los elementos del lenguaje y sus principales características.
175 119
14 September 2017
How To Build a Website With WordPress...Fast! [Beginners]
How To Build A Website With WordPress in Less Than 4 Hours (Kent Mauresmo)
13 11
12 September 2017
Conhecendo o PhpMyAdmin - Iniciante
Curso Básico
12 September 2017
Make Sublime Coders Friendly
Speed up Your HTML, CSS, PHP Coding & Much More..
12 September 2017
تصميم البنرات الاعلانية للمواقع باستخدام Adobe Animate CC
احترف تصميم الحركة في Adobe Animate وصمم بنرات HTML5 حركية وتفاعلية قابلة للعمل على المواقع وتطبيقات الموبايل
225 148
12 September 2017
Jenkins Introduction for Developer
End to End Integration : Selenium - Maven - Git - Jenkins
07 September 2017
Técnicas e Conceitos para Aumentar as Visitas do seu Website
Aprenda os principais conceitos sobre como aumentar as visitas e fechar mais vendas no seu negócio digital online !
59 29